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Hamdan Hamid Al-Ali, a First Lieutenant System Developer at Dubai Police and a Ph.D. candidate in Natural Language Processing at Mohammed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence. My interest in game development began in high school, leading to over eight years of experience in creating video games that focus on educational and cultural themes. I completed my bachelor's degree in Information Technology, specializing in Security and Forensics, in 2019, and obtained a master's degree in Machine Learning for Visual Data Analytics in 2021.

My projects aim to utilize video games as platforms for education and cultural exchange. “Al Sharah” is designed to immerse players in the UAE's falconry culture, inspired by my experiences in falcon racing competitions. “Emirati Tales” blends the UAE's mythical stories with lessons on morals and manners, sharing our cultural heritage with players. I've also worked on a number of projects, most notably "Unishroom".

I believe that video games can be more than just entertainment; they can be effective tools for education and cultural exchange. Through my Ph.D. research, I focus on gamifying language education, while my personal projects are dedicated to creating games with a purpose.

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