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About Me;

Hello, I am Hamdan Hamid, currently working in Dubai Police as the Head of Human Resource Operation with the title of System Developer. In this role, I lead a team responsible for analyzing human resource data and providing insights to senior managements. Utilizing artificial intelligence algorithms, we analyze complex data sets and develop predictive models to drive crucial business decisions.

Apart from my professional responsibilities, I am deeply passionate about Game Development, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, and now, Natural Language Processing.


My interest in game development dates back to high school, where I started by creating video games on Game Salad and later transitioned to using Construct 2. In 2018, I ventured into Unity. I have guided and worked on a number of projects, many of which are published across different platforms. One of my most noteworthy accomplishment in this field is the project called Unishroom. Currently, i am working on one of my hugest projects which is called "Emirati Tales".

In 2020, I saw the rise of data analytics and was drawn to Machine Learning. I pursued my studies through Coursera and Udemy courses. I began my master's studies in Machine Learning for Visual Data Analytics, gaining expertise in the end-to-end process of data analytics, from data retrieval to applying machine learning and computer vision models.

My journey in Cybersecurity began during my bachelor's studies, where I majored in Information Technology - Security and Forensics. Over four years, I acquired a solid foundation in cybersecurity principles. Additionally, I honed my skills through participation in Capture the Flag competitions, with my first CTF experience taking place in 2018. 

Looking ahead, I will be embarking on a new educational endeavor by pursuing a Ph.D. in Natural Language Processing. This emerging field fascinates me, and I am eager to contribute to advancements in language understanding and processing.

My diverse background equips me with a broad skill set and a passion for leveraging technology to solve complex challenges. I am constantly seeking new ways to learn, innovate, and make a positive impact in the world of technology.

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