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Single-player action indie game available on Steam

Game Overview

Unishroom is a game in which the player plays as Unishroom to help him find a new hometown. The player is required to avoid obstacles to reach the other destination. Through the levels a small cutscene will appear to tell the story to the player.

The game genre is action/platformer, and the target audience is all ages, but it mainly focuses on late teenagers and adults. The game flow as an overall will start with a solid hard gameplay, and through the levels the game will become even harder. The game look and feel aims to be that of a cartoonish style.


Through the early levels of Unishroom, the game will not have any type of progression other than the difficulty of the game. However as the player is completing each level, he should be rewarded with a new level, that gives a new experience. This is done in Unishroom by creating unique levels that give the player a different type of atmosphere through the levels. After the story mode is done, the player unlocks new levels, that switches the gameplay of the game in order to give the player a different feeling of progression.

Through the game, the player faces different challenges. The challenges' main goal is to insure that the player does not feels as if he is playing the same level over and over. Thus, new challenges are being presented to the player, and this is done by creating enemies’ “objects” with different attributes, considering their shapes, movement or even weights. The game does not have a strong mission structure, the player is simply asked to avoid obstacles to help Unishroom reach a new hometown. The game currently does not have a puzzle structure but providing the game with one would for sure make it a more interesting game.

Story, Theme & Atmosphere

Unishroom provides the player with a very simple story. The story first of all talks about “Mush City” a city that only has the RGB colors. Red, blue and green. Later on, Unishroom is born, a yellow mushroom. And unfortunately for Unishroom, any color other than the RGB is seen as a sign of curse in Mush City. Thus, Unishroom is kicked of the village and is asked to roam in the Forest of Evils by his own. Through Unishroom journey, he visits various places, and see’s various characters.

The story theme is that of a childish story, its main focus is to provide a story that fits all ages, yet the story is both unique and interesting. The story does have a harsh atmosphere at one level, and that is when the village elders decide to kick Unishroom of the hometown. However, this action is presented in a way that does not make the game age-restricted. The rest of the story's atmosphere is fit for all ages.

Game Development Journey

During my game development journey, I have developed plenty of projects, some which can be found in And some which made it to Apple Store (iOS subscription is not renewed). In Unishroom it was different, I wanted to take the challenge of fully developing a project and publishing it on Steam.

The journey was fun and challenging, I learned a lot through it, especially in the context of game programming, 3D designing, and publishing on Steam. The project as an overall took around six months for me to complete, and I could not be prouder about the results, it is far from good but it was a great lesson.

The game is available on Steam, if interested.


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